Thursday, July 3, 2008

Laird Hotsprings, BC to Haines Junction, YT-501miles

Day 10, July 3, 2008. Ok, the mosquitoes were really bad this morning when we got outside the tents. Bad enough that we both decided to be really dorky and put on the mosquito nets while we packed up the camp. Dorky, yes, but necessary to keep from being sucked dry. One got inside my netting, and I made the mistake of squashing her against the net. Blood everywhere; looked like a gusher! She had her way with me....

We went to the Laird Hotsprings Lodge Restaurant for breakfast. I had a huge omelet with ham and bacon and cheddar cheese. It was excellent, maybe the best omelet I've eaten. Gary had pecan pie. Mine was better!

Got on the road and headed north and west. Rode to Watson Lake, famous for it's Sign Forest. Stopped at the forest and looked around a bit and took a few pics. A neat place! Didn't see any signs from home, but did see several from NC. Also got gas there; actually a bit cheaper than a day earlier when we paid $6.66 per gallon for regular unleaded (only gas available). Oh well, it's only money...

Kept riding to Teslin, where we stopped at Muckluck Annie's Salmon Bake. It's a "must do" restaurant in the middle of nowhere. And nowhere here is a BIG place. Anyway, we dined at Muckluck's and it was fair. We ordered the small baked salmon (it's actually grilled over wood), a salad bar, tea, and dessert for $18.95. Expensive for lunch, but generally pretty good. The salmon was not a fillet, so we had to deal with bones.

Got back on the bikes and kept riding. Finally ended up in Haines Junction, YT. Went through several rain showers, but none got us wet. Stayed warm, but not hot.

Saw lots of mountains again, and as we rode along saw more with snow on the tops in the crevasses. Pretty!

Saw 2 black bears, two heards of bison (one of which we had to wait to cross the road before we could proceed), and two brown bear. Nice wildlife today.

Tomorrow--off to Anchorage, some 611 miles away. We hope to make it there tomorrow, but we know there's road construction that will slow us some.

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