Monday, June 30, 2008

Glacier National Park-276miles

Day 6, June 29, 2008. Spent the day in and around Glacier National Park. We got up and ate breakfast at a little restaurant near the campgraound. Pancakes and city ham; not terrific, but pretty good.

Went back to the campsite and decided to ride to the other side of the park. Since the major road across the park was closed, we had no option but to ride all the way around the park to the western entrance. A long way to get there!

Went into the western entrance and decided to ride as far on the Go to the Sun Highway as we could. It was hot, but not unbearable.

Along the way, we came upon congested traffic at a little pond, and saw in a moment what everybody was looking at. A moose! A real, live one this time.... It was moving and eating vegetation in the pond. We took some pics and watched it a while and then went on to the end of the road.

At the end, I remembered two unopened beers that were in the topcase on my bike and thoght it would be a good idea to fill a cooler with snow and pack the beers into it to drink later. A great idea, even if it was mine! We did it and drank the beers later at Lake McDonald near the entrance. Mine was an Alaskan Amber, and it was delicious. In the heat, anything would have been great.

We started back to the campground, and noted a sign to "Goatlick". We pulled off the main road to see what "Goatlick" was about, and learned that it was a viewing area for mountain goats. We quickly spotted a female and her little one, and then some others. They were doing goat things, but it was interesting to see them.

Then rode back to the campground. My only comment about the ride back was that the speed limits on Montana 2-lane roads is HIGH, 70mph on two lane roads with lots of curves. I don't think Mario Andretti could do 70 on much of them. Of course, we tried, and they were fun, but we could not do the speed limit except for straight sections. It was fun.

Got back to the entrance, had dinner and a beer, and then rushed to the General Store to buy a token so we could get a shower. It had been two days, and we both needed one badly. It felt wonderful to wash off the road grime!

Went back to the campsite and readied for bed.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I can't seem to be able to post them. I'll try again, but something is keeping them from being posted.

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