Monday, June 30, 2008

Glacier National Park to Banff, Alberta-371

Day 7, June 30, 2008. Got up early, packed up camp, and hit the road about 8:00am. We rode north to the Canadian border. The crossing was easy; a few simple questions, a glance at our passports, and then off into Canada.

The ride was beautiful, much of it in a broad valley between two mountain ranges off to each side. It was HOT again. In fact, record highs are being set most days, so we're a bit uncomfortable with the heat.

We stopped along the way for a "quick" lunch, and spent about an hour getting a sandwich and a drink. Similarly, we needed gas along the way, and spent probably 30 minutes getting gas. The gas station was off the main road, and apparently near some reservoir, so folks had boats needing gas. And, we didn't understand the system for getting gas (one-way to the pumps, and we were going in the wrong direction). So, it was a bit of an ordeal just to fill up two tanks. Don't even ask what it cost. Money is no object on this trip!!

Rode into Banff, Alberta, Canada about 4pm, stopped to find a room, and chose the second place with a room. We were fearful that rooms would be scarce since tomorrow is Independence Day in Canada, equivalent to the 4th of July in USA. As it turned out, plenty of rooms were available, but at a steep price.

Found a bar, drank a couple beers and walked to dinner and then back to the hotel. Washed dirty clothes, hung them up to dry, and worked on posting tardy blogs. It's now 11:10pm, and I'm quitting for tonight.

I've been on the road now for 8 days, and have had a good time. Have ridden over 3,000 miles, and am looking forward to adventures north of here and seeing Gary's brother in a week or so.

Tomorrow, north to Jasper National Park and wherever we end up.

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