Friday, June 20, 2008

Ready to Go

Ok, I'm almost ready to go! Have had to work a lot over the past few weeks, but work is now done! Makes me appreciate being mostly retired; work and play don't mix very well!

I believe the bike is ready for the trip. Had a scare that just got resolved two days ago. After doing some rewiring under the seat and repacking my tools, I tried to remove the seat a fews later to get a tool. Had a shock when I tried to turn the key and it would not turn. I twisted pretty hard, but it would not give!

Posted a note on the forum, to solicit help from fellow riders. Also sent a "help" note to the service manager of the local BMW shop to get his ideas. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I had jammed the latch with the tool pouch that had been placed differently behind the latch.

I got a lot of ideas from the forum, and the service manager offered to let me bring the bike in and they would find a way to get the seat off and order new parts if necessary (in case something broke).

Had to go out of town for work, but when I got home, I decided to try the key again. This time, I twisted the key really hard, trying to be careful not to break it off in the lock. Finally, the latch opened and I could remove the seat. Just as I thought, a ratchet had jammed against the latch, keeping it from opening. I"ll be more careful where and how I store things in the future!!

Otherwise, I don't know of anything specific that I need to do to the bike.

Have practice packed and think everything is okay. Clothes in one sidecase. Extra riding gear in the other sidecase. I'm taking the Roadcrafter for low-heat to cold temperatures; I can layer under it and be comfortable. I am also taking the Joe Rocket mesh pants and jacket for hot conditions. I'll need both, I'm sure.

Camping gear goes in the Seattle bag that will ride on the pillion seat. Electronics (computer, chargers, handheld gps for walking, etc) and medicines go in topcase. Gloves and small items for on-the-the fly will go in the tankbag. Although the bike will be topheavy and pretty well loaded, I believe everything will fit. Will probably do a full-run packing job on the bike Sunday.

We're adding another rider from Gary's house to Duluth, MN. A friend and co-rider is joining us along the way to ride to Duluth to visit the Aerostich store there. Then he's going another direction, whereas we'll head west there. So, we'll start with 3 and drop one rider after 3 days on the road.

Only two more days until we leave. I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. What will we forget? What kinds of challenges will we have? Have I packed enough ???(fill in the blanks). What is the best route? Lots of questions and few answers.

This is my final entry before we get on the road. I hope to post an entry daily, but know sometimes it will be impossible. Will post as I can.

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DineometerDeb said...

Sounds fun. Don't worry about not packing something. You probably didn't need it anyway.

Have a great trip!