Monday, June 30, 2008

Glasgow, MT to Glacier National Park-419 miles

Day 5, June 28, 2008. A very good day of riding. We got up early, before 6am, packed our mess and got on the road about 7am. Stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and were riding west on Hwy 2 by 7:30pm. The weather was perfect! Not cold; not hot—just right.

Traffic was very light, and the speed limit was 70mph and we rode for many miles at a steady 72mph, with me in front and using the cruise control. The roads were almost all two lane today, but with the high speed limits and low traffic, we made good time to St. Mary, the entrance to Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Highway.

We learned at the welcome center that the Going to the Sun Highway was closed at Logan Pass due to deep snow! I had heard on TV the previous night that the road had been blocked, but it was supposed to be open today. I told the lady at the welcome center what I had heard on TV, and she said they had no idea where that story had come from; they didn't know when the road would be open. Damn!

We entered the park and looked through one campground, but didn't like the sites. Then rode to the Rising Sun Campground and found a site with good space for 2 tents and the bikes.

We're getting pretty good at setting up camp. In about 30 minutes, we had both tents set up, and the sleeping apparata put together (Gary with his air mattress and me with my high-tech cot. An easy camp to put up today.

Since we had not eaten lunch, we went into St. Mary and had a couple of beers and lunch/dinner. I tried some barbecued salmon, and it was quite good. Gary had a ribeye sandwich. A little pricey, but not out of reason.

Met a guy from Florida who had traveled all over the country with his wife. He was interesting to talk with, describing places he had visited and things he had done.

After lunch, we rode to another entrance and rode through the area; not as nice as here.

Our campsite is next to a group that includes two couples and a baby. I hope the baby sleeps well tonight! I hope to sleep well tonight. We'll see.

Tomorrow, we'll eat breakfast and scout the park. We'll ride as far towards Logan Pass as possible. Maybe the road will be open. We're not sure if we'll stay here in the park tomorrow night or move on. Guess it depends on what we see tomorrow.

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